3 Quick Craft Ideas for a Kid’s Army Themed Party

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Following on from the previous post of the army tank cake, I want to share a few ideas for items that you can make for the guests who will attend your child’s army themed party. Unfortunately the mother of the two small boys for whom I baked the tank cake, only decided a few days before the party that she would like to host an army party, so time caught up with her but she did manage to make binoculars and walkie-talkies that formed part of the party favours.

recycled toilet roll camo binoculars

The camou binoculars on the photo were made by painting empty toilet paper rolls with brown and green craft paint. Some areas of the rolls were left unpainted as the colour of the rolls lend a natural camo colour to the binoculars.

You will need two toilet paper rolls for each binocular, some craft glue or a hot glue gun, a piece of string and that’s basically it. Paint the toilet rolls in colours of choice (or set your children to work on this), leave to dry completely, glue two rolls together, then attach some string to each side of the two rolls.

walkie talkies for kids army party

The walkie-talkies on this photo are actually boxes of fruit juice covered in brown paper. The antennas were made by partly pushing the straws into the holes and covering the rest of the straw with aluminium foil. A small sticker with the word SOS and a few dots near the bottom of the box completed this quick and easy method to make a walkie-talkie.

Each small guest received a favour box containing a toy gun, a dog tag made from a rectangular piece of cardboard painted silver, a few candies and a  small packet of crisps. The favour boxes were simply decorated by stenciling each guest’s name on one side and the words “army” plus a number on the other side.

invitation card and envelope for army party

This is the invitation card and envelope that I made for the party. It seems that digital scrapbooking is very popular at the moment for designing invitation cards as I found quite a lot of similar images on the Internet whilst doing a search for ideas. The envelope template was simply filled with a camo background and I personalised the envelopes by filling a stamp template with a photo of the two birthday boys.

So there you have it, 3 quick ideas for army related items that you can make and decorate for your child’s army party.

As always, have fun when you plan your child’s birthday party!




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