Army Tank Cake for a Kid’s Army Themed Party

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Army Tank Cake for Kids Army Party

Boys in particular love army parties and I was asked a few weeks ago to bake a cake for a friend’s two little boys who wanted an army party for their birthday celebrations.

I found the idea for this army tank cake in a magazine from 1988 and just had to try making it.

The original cake (in the magazine article) was made from one rectangular cake baked in a 34 cm x 24 cm x 11 cm cake pan with a round cake baked in a 21 cm diameter cake pan,  then covered with fondant.



cake needed for army tank army tank cake original
I baked three rectangular cakes (using my favourite cake recipe) as the size of my cake pans differed from the one used in the magazine instruction – the first two were used for the body of the tank and only a small piece of the third cake was used for the top of the tank.

camo cake for army tank cake

For extra fun and excitement, the cakes were also “camouflaged” by dividing  the batter for each cake in half; the first half went into the pan as is, the second half was halved again. One half was coloured with green food colouring and the second half with a small amount of cocoa powder. The coloured batter was then spooned in patterns on top of the white batter.

Apart from one or two rectangular cakes and a round cake, you will also need about 2 pieces of corrugated cardboard for the caterpillar tracks, 20 chocolate covered biscuits for the wheels, (sandwich two together with small amount of icing and use five on a side), orange Smarties and orange and red jelly sweets for the lights and other desired decorations. For the gun barrel you can use a chocolate cigar or as I did, a crayon covered in tinfoil. Insert it into the top of the tank and if necessary, use a toothpick to support it.

The camo effect of the icing was done by just putting blobs of coloured icing (brown and green in different shades) on the cake and using a knife to blend the colours. I must be honest, I cannot really remember what food colouring I used to get this particular green; a few drops of green, maybe one or two drops of blue, some cocoa powder, one or two more drops of green and so on until I had the desired colour. The brown icing was a simple cocoa icing.

Use brown sugar around the cake to resemble desert sand and decorate further with plastic toy soldiers.

Army Tank Cake Front View Army Tank Cake Front View Close-up
And that’s it for an army tank cake that will be the talk of any army themed party you or a friend may have in mind.

Remember to have fun when you plan your kid’s birthday party!

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8 comments to Army Tank Cake for a Kid’s Army Themed Party

  • Very interesting cake. I think the kids love it.

    • Elsie

      Hi John

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. You are right, the kids loved it so much that apparently the mother was not allowed to cut the cake during the party and also not for two days after, but like we all know, cake has to be eaten, not only looked at…

  • This is great! Besides boys, it would be fun for a happy military homecoming, too. I’m not very good at applying frosting artistically, but slapping on camouflage – I think I could handle that :).

  • This cake is really nice! But I think you should have used other materials for the desert effect since brown sugar can still be used for cooking other treats. I love how you stayed with the theme.

    • Elsie

      Hi Jack

      Thank you for the nice comment. As for the brown sugar, I was going to use finely crushed cookie crumbs (there are lots of inexpensive brands on the shelves that is perfect for this), but forgot to buy some on my last visit to the shop. The brown sugar was the only thing I had on hand at that stage and I had to use it.

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