Choosing a Party Theme Based on Your Kid’s Star Sign

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With no electricity for the whole day today, I paged through some old magazines and found an interesting article about child astrology.  No, I am not going to tell you to suddenly go online and read all about your child’s star signs and start worrying about what it may tell you to understand about your child’s behaviour.

However, what I realised is that you can actually use the information to come up with cool party themes for your kids.

This month’s Zodiac sign is Aries (Ram) – it last from 21 March to 20 April – and here are some characteristics of an Aries child:

Kids born under the sign of Aries are energetic and sometimes quite reckless, so be sure to have a well-stocked  first-aid cabinet. They need plenty of activities and won’t be forced to do anything they don’t  want to do. However, if you really want them to do something, just tell them it’s bad for them.

They love things that makes a lot of noise, for instance, drums, trumpets, even a  board with wooden pegs that can be hammered in, will do.

Along comes the idea of a music theme party …  the actual planning will depend on the age of your kid; toddlers and pre-schoolers will enjoy home-made instruments,  tweenies and teens can  go with disco parties or their favourite pop stars’ music. You can also focus on music from different countries.

Invitations can range from normal card invitations with images of music notes or instruments,  to invitations made from CD’s, sheet music (and no, you don’t have to use your music books… just make copies or search online for images to download, drums made from empty canisters with the invitation inside…

Birthday cakes can be in the form of drums, boom boxes, gramophone players, anything that fits the music theme.

Party snacks can be made with the help of  cardboard templates to look like music notes or music instruments; decorate Marie Biscuits or any other suitable biscuits to look like CD’s.

Decorations will once again depend on the specific music theme you choose. Here’s a chance to use all those old CD’s by attaching them to foil swirls (simply cut some coloured foil pie plates in a spiral, attach the CD’s with glue) and hang from the roof.  Musical notes cut from brightly coloured poster can be mounted on the walls or hung from the roof as well. It also adds a festive touch to the table decorations.

A music party theme is also the ideal time for kids to dress up. You can ask in the invitations that the kids come dressed up as rock ‘n rollers, pop stars, drummers or dancers…

Party Games:

Young kids will enjoy games like  musical chairs or musical glasses –  pick some glass bottles that make a good tone when you strike them. Six will do. Fill the first bottle with water, the second one with less water, and keep going until you get to the last one. By this time, you should just be able to fill it with about an inch or so of water. When you tap each bottle using a spoon or stick, you will notice that they produce a different tone and sound.

Glasses can be filled in the same way, wet a finger and rub it around the rim of each glass.  Each glass will make it’s own sound depending on the amount of water in it.

Drums can be made from brightly painted empty coffee cans, toddlers would love pots and pans with a wooden spoon,  fill balloons with a small amount of sugar before tying, make shakers and other noisemakers by filling empty plastic bottles and empty tins with beans, rice, etc.

Karaoke, name the song/tune and musical trivia are all games that will be enjoyed by older kids.

Party Favours: If you let the kids make their own music instruments as part of the party activities, they can take it home with them.

Older kids can be presented with a CD with music from the era you chose – you can easily choose songs before the party and burn CD’s on your computer. Design a cover with the party’s date, time and the birthday kid’s name on it; the party guests will have good memories of the party every time they listen to the CD.

Have fun when planning your kid’s birthday party!

Source of the cute baby Zodiac clipart:

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