How to Make a Notebook from a Floppy Disk

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Old floppy/stiffy disks can easily be turned into little notebooks that can be used for kids’ party favours. Not only will they delight the guests at the party but you can also let them make their own notebooks as part of a party activity.

Here’s a step by step tutorial to show you how easy it is to make these little notebooks.

You can either use 2 floppy disks for a notebook or you can take one floppy disk apart and use the two sides for a notebook.

You will need the following:

3.5” floppy disks –
sharp knife or nail file
paper cut into squares, approx 9 cm x 9 cm or the same size as the floppy disks
paper punch
a piece of elastic or small cables ties

The first thing you have to do is to remove the metal piece by lifting it on one edge and pull it off. A floppy disk also have a small black lock that enabled you to prevent somebody from overwriting your data. Before you can take the disk apart, you will have to open this lock if it is closed.

Take the floppy disk apart by inserting a sharp knife or nail file in the opening on top, carefully move it to one of the corners and wiggle it around until you are able to start pulling the sides apart. Carefully work your way around the other sides until the disk comes apart. You will need a little patience for this to prevent the disk from breaking at the corners.

Ah… the wonders of modern technology although a floppy disk is not so modern anymore… Amazing to think that the black filmy disk actually held all our data before the advent of CDs and all the other gadgets we can buy these days to store 1 000 times more data.

I took apart two floppy disks and used the “back” sides with the small square openings to make the first notebook.

The most time consuming part of making these notebooks is the cutting of the paper. You can make the notebook as thick or as thin as you like, use plain white paper, paper with lines, coloured paper… you decide.

After you have cut the paper, put the floppy disk on one of the pieces of paper and make little marks on the paper with a pen/pencil where you will punch the holes. You can either use a piece of elastic or two cable ties to bind the notebook.

When you use cable ties, just keep in mind that the notebook should be able to open easily so you will have to adjust the width of the ties before pulling it close. You should also not pull the elastic too tight before making the knot on the other side of the notebook.

Decorate the front of the notebooks to suit your kid’s party theme or as desired.  (These little notebooks will make welcome gifts for any occasion and you will do your bit for the environment by recycling the floppy disks into useful items).

The next photo is of a notebook where I used two floppy disks without taking them apart. This method is much quicker than the previous one and gives a sturdier cover to the notebook.

I added a small pen and decorative paperclip to this notebook.

So that’s it. Apart from the time it takes to cut the paper this is such a quick and easy way to make party favours that you can add to the party favour bags that you have made yourself.

I also compiled a .pdf file with the instructions that you can download  – (right-click and choose the Save Link/Target As option to download the file to your computer)

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4 comments to How to Make a Notebook from a Floppy Disk

  • K-H

    Hi, sometimes a small brain as mine, can’t understand it, where you get all your best ideas ?? Just now I am thinking, may be, there is a small “best ideas tree” in your garden (unknown in middle of Europa), and this tree is growing a lot !!!
    Great great job as always !!!

    • Elsie

      Thank you for the compliment KH. If you ever hear about such a tree, I will really appreciate it if you let me know about it, one can never have enough ideas for a kid’s birthday party.

  • Very cool idea. Now I know what to do with all my old floppy disks. You should do a few of them up really nice and start selling them on Ebay. I bet you will get some people to buy them.

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