How to Make a Racing Car Track Cake for Boys

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Boys love cars, bikes, trucks and all kinds of things that go “vroom”.  A racing track cake is probably one of the easiest cakes to bake and make so you don’t really have any excuse not to make one if that is what your boy wants for his next birthday party.

In most cases a racing track cake is made in the form of the figure eight (8) that is obtained by simply putting two round cakes (preferably baked in a ring pan) side by side to form the 8.

Tip: If you do not have a ring pan, you can also use  normal round cake pans. After the cakes have cooled down completely, use a round cookie cutter or glass to cut out a circle in the center of the cake. Use these cut offs to shape small cars.

diagram to make number 8 cakeracing track cake

Use your favourite cake recipe to bake two  20cm (8 in) cakes in a moderate oven for 35 minutes or cooked when tested. Turn on to a wire rack to cool. Cut a small piece from one end of a cake as shown in diagram to help the two halves fit neatly together to form the figure eight.

Assemble the cake on a prepared board or tray and cover both cakes  with Butter Cream/Icing:


225g margarine/butter – at room temperature
450g icing sugar, sifted


Put margarine/butter  in a bowl, beat until softened. Gradually beat in sifted icing sugar. Colour or flavour as required then use to cover the cake.

To decorate the cake you can use a piping bag and star nozzle to pipe borders around the top edges and base of the cakes or use sweets of choice to decorate the cake.

Make a small flag from lightweight cardboard or paper, wrap around a cocktail stick and stand in the cake. Use lollipops to represent stop signs.

Arrange the decorated cars made from the cut off pieces of cake on the cake or use small toy racing cars.

Of course you don’t just have to make the racing track in a figure 8 – By cutting and assembling the pieces of cake you can make a lovely long racing track like the one of this photo:

racing car track cakediagram for racing track cake

So enjoy baking the racing car track when you next have to plan your boy’s birthday party.

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