Kids Party Invitations – How to Fill Blank Envelope and Stamp Templates with Your Own Images

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invitation card and envelope for army party

I received an e-mail from a reader wanting to know how I made the envelope and photo postage stamp that I used for the army party invitations.

I used an envelope template that I have on my computer. I made the original template a few years ago by tracing a store bought envelope on blank paper, scanned it, opened it in a graphics program and cleaned it up, then saved it as a .png file to get a transparent background.

Now whenever I need a template to personalise an envelope, I just open  the template in Photoshop and fill it with a background of my choice.

The postage stamp that I used for the army invitation envelope was done in the same way, but I used a photo of the two boys to fill the template.

Here are  images of filled envelopes and postage stamps that I made yesterday as part of a step-by-step tutorial to show you how easy it can be to do this.

 envelope with photo postage stamp envelope with balloon background

The first image of the stamp was simply filled with the whole background image, while the second one was filled with only a part of the background image. I also changed the colours of the stamp borders.

postage stamp filled with background stamp with image from background
 As the tutorial are quite long, I decided to not post it here, but let you download it together with blank templates for the envelope and postage stamp. You will then be able to follow the steps in your own time.

The tutorial was done in Adobe Photoshop but I am sure that it can be adapted to other graphics programs too.

Click the link to download the tutorial and templates.

NOTE: The link was down for a few hours but are working properly again.

Credit for the corner flower and postage paid image on the yellow envelope:

Corner Flower:
“Cottage Garden extra items” Kit and Elements © 2008 Robyn Littlejohn

Postage Paid Stamp on envelope flap: – unfortunately these stamps are not available for download anymore, but do visit this site, there are a few new freebies there.

Yellow Background Paper: Own – designed with Pixie Brushes from Obsidian Dawn

How do you personalise the envelopes for your child’s birthday invitations?

Please share your ideas with my other readers in the comment section…  it’s right down there if you scroll a little further on this page.

Have fun when you make the invitations and envelopes!

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