Rapunzel Theme Party for Kids

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A Rapunzel fairytale theme party is especially suited for girls from the ages of 4 years to 11 years old.  At the age of 4 they can really start to understand fairy tales  and at 11 they are old enough to begin to enjoy the romance one normally finds at the end of fairy tales.

Rapunzel Theme Invitation Cards:

Invitation cards can be in the form of a tower with a small cut-out for the window on the front page. Decorate the front of the card with two yellow braids made from wool or crochet cotton and dried herbs.

Another idea (and I love this one) is to make your card from paper that can be planted afterward. It will really suit the Rapunzel theme so well.

I found this very good tutorial on how to make your own paper filled with seeds at the thriftyfun site – complete with planting directions.

Decorations and welcome activities:

Rapunzel-cardboard-box-toweObviously a tower will be one of the main features of a Rapunzel theme party. You can make one from a large, sturdy cardboard box – (ask at your local furniture shop for the type that new fridges and cookers are packed in). Using a craft knife, cut out a window on the upper part of the box; paint the box (using brown and yellow or grey and black paint) to resemble bricks.

Make two braids from thick yellow wool or yellow stockings and attach them to the inside of the “window sill”.  (You can also use strands of twine or fairly thick rope).  Decorate the sides of the cardboard box  with lots of ivy or branches to give the illusion of thorn bushes growing against the tower walls.

Make a wig with long braids from yellow wool for every girl that will attend the party and make cardboard crowns for the boys.

Place a small table or chair inside the tower and let the birthday child hide inside on the day of the party. When the party guests arrive, they have to call “Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair”, whereupon the birthday child will appear in the window, let the attached braids fall down and then hand out the wigs and crowns to her party guests. The guests will then be led to the party table where they will enjoy some witches’ froth while they are waiting for Rapunzel to appear after the prince has saved her.

Rapunzel Theme Party Table Decorations/Colour Scheme

Rapunzel theme party colour schemeChoose green and yellow colours for the table decorations – (green for the forest and herbs in the garden, yellow for Rapunzel’s hair) – According to information and photos on Wikipedia, the rapunzel or rampion herb has lovely lilac flowers, so you can bring this into your colour scheme as well.

Decorate the table with herbs or other leaves and twigs. If you have lavender or any other purple/lilac flowers blooming in your garden, add this too.

Place a few cardboard towers filled with candy or crisps among the leaves and flowers. Download your free printable tower candy holder (right-click and choose the Save Link/Target As option to download the file to your computer)

Rapunzel Theme Party Food:

The birthday cake can be in the form of a castle or why not try to make a faux tower cake …

Make sandwiches with coloured and flavoured butters, add some sturdier food like cheesy polony and egg pies for the lads…

Click here for the Rapunzel theme food ideas:

Rapunzel Theme Party Games:

Games: If you have a sturdy wall in your garden, you can let hubby help you to attach a few rope ladders to the top edge or else just make a few knots in thick rope and attach firmly to tree branches.

The party guests can also play hide and seek and adapt the call of the enchantress and the prince (“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair”) to suit their names. The child that is out, must then go into the cardboard box tower and “let down” his or her hair – (the braids that were attached to the window sill).

Rapunzel Theme Party Activities:

Keep the party guests busy with some craft activities that can also double up as party favours…

As always, have fun planning your kid’s theme party!

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